A little About us

I’m Monique, my partner Jez and I have 5 kids from 16 years to 6 months (quite the age gap) living in Melbourne Victoria. So as you can imagine life can get pretty hectic. Our kids do Ballet, Basketball and Football which involves quite a bit of travel.

I have a genuine love for kid’s fashion trends (not so much woman’s fashion) which is pretty obvious when you see how much better our kids are dressed than I am LOL

For 9 years I have worked in a job that stopped being fulfilling a long time ago and I was simply surviving, not really living. If this journey achieves anything… I hope it’s that our kids see me chasing my dreams to do what I love. Because I want them to live a life where they are happy to start the day.


About Our Name

My inspo for Flamingo Tames the Wolf, has been our youngest two babes Ollie and Bonnie.

Ollie is 3, a hilarious, smiley little lad that has more energy than my caffeinated body can deal with. He loves all ball sports, anything with wheels and especially loves trying to help dad with any and all power tools. While pregnant with him I was drawn to Wolves so not only do we have wolf EVERYTHING it just became a part of him, our little wolf boy.

Then Miss Bonnie came along. She is our fair skinned, blue eye Petite little doll... The complete opposite to Ollie. While pregnant I decided I needed to pick an animal for her - flamingo, which is handy because now there are flamingo things everywhere.

We were prepared for the worst when it came to Ollie adjusting to no longer being the baby of the family and thought we were going to be in for a rough ride.

Boy; were we happily surprised!

From the minute Bonnie was born, Ollie has been nothing short of amazing when it comes to her. He is so gentle and loving towards Bon, she has him wrapped around her little finger already.

Hence; Flamingo Tames the Wolf